It was in October 2019 that Daniela Stepien met Raja Rez alias Jonny. The current very quickly passed between her and this man who is 13 years her senior. Everything was going so fast that the couple even got married in November of the same year. Still, Samanta, Daniela’s sister declares that “I had doubts about Jonny straight away. He seemed very possessive, he was obsessed with her, but he was really, really rude to me.”

Samanta says she tried to warn her sister, but it made her move away from her. She describes her as “beautiful, hardworking and intelligent”. Daniela Stepien had her whole life ahead of her, but Jonny took control of her life. Her husband goes so far as to forbid her to speak with her family member, according to Samanta. Further, she said: “He took her laptop and took every penny she made, when she had a good job, as an accountant. He stirred up trouble between us.”

“Jonny didn’t have a job, but spent his days with his wife and his nights with Daniela”

Samanta’s shattering revelations speak of the fact that she found out that her sister’s husband was a married man. She also said that “he bought her jewelry and flowers and asked her for her hand with a beautiful ring.” However, Samanta said Jonny’s wife had the exact same ring. Daniela didn’t want to admit that her husband was a crook and an infidel in addition to being a tyrant and unemployed.

Daniela Stepien © Mirror

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