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Brittany Murphy: why the actress’s death is still so mysterious eleven years after the fact

It is a mystery that remains unsolved. On December 20, 2009, Brittany Murphy was found unconscious in her bathtub by her mother, days after she began to complain of symptoms associated with a flu-like condition. Taken to hospital, the 32-year-old actress was pronounced dead a few hours later. A tragedy for her family and her fans that plunged the whole Hollywood into incomprehension, especially since at the time, the actress was considered one of the rising stars of cinema.

Even today, if his death was identified as having been caused by a cardiac arrest linked to “pneumonia, severe anemia and drug abuse”, his relatives still wonder about the circumstances of his disappearance, which has was followed in May 2010 by that of her husband, Simon Monjack. A death that had put the chip in the ear to the relatives of the actress, since the latter was declared dead following an overdose of drugs, which his wife would have also abused before his death, while he was always denied an addiction at home. “My wife did not abuse prescription drugs that I was aware of,” he assured at the time.

Fatal self-medication for the actress?

Yet at the time, the autopsy report was clear: “She was really suffering from pneumonia, very anemic, and she was taking drugs and all this combined killed her”, had assured police sources, reports The Mirror, noting that most of these drugs were either over-the-counter or had been prescribed to her. “This death could have been avoided. Murphy intended to see a doctor, but unfortunately she passed away before. She was a person with pneumonia who was anemic and was taking medication when she should have received treatment. medical, “the authorities said. A death which would therefore be accidental following self-medication by Brittany Murphy, whose husband died a few months later in the same circumstances.

Brittany Murphy © ALAIN ROLLAND

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