“The world can be a mean place.” Determined to shake things up more than ever concerning the guardianship of Britney Spears, her lawyer Mathew Rosengart recently requested that the function of guardian of Jamie Spears be lifted pending the hearing on September 29. While the progress of this new hearing has been refused by justice, the singer has decided to protect herself from her detractors, and made a radical decision: to move away from social networks for a while. Heavily criticized by some, who also laugh at her dancing videos, the pop star has decided to post less content from now on.

“Unfortunately, the news has been quite nasty telling horrible and nasty lies about me so I will post a little less from now on”, she announced on Instagram, in the caption of a video where we sees her preparing an avocado toast. A statement that follows the accusations of Jamie Spears himself, who seems determined to keep this guardianship in place 13 years ago. In new documents, Britney Spears’ father claimed that Britney Spears was “mentally ill” and that she “did not take her treatment on time, did not listen to the recommendations of her medical team and even refused to see some doctors “.

The new testimony of Britney Spears’ former bodyguard

Terrible accusations that could tip the next court decision in this case, which has already refused for the first time the lifting of this supervision, however allowing the singer to choose her own lawyer. A determined professional, who may well use the recent testimony of a former Britney Spears bodyguard to his advantage. “She was forced to live as an inmate in a golden prison. Even her phone calls were monitored,” said Fernando Flores, who also reported that the singer “was never allowed to go out alone” and “had to asking permission to spend her money and her supply of cigarettes was rationed because she was shackling them “. An unbearable way of life for the pop star, who did not hide his dismay.

Britney Spears © Instagram

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