Since the end of her guardianship, Britney Spears has finally regained control of her life. While she recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and is pregnant with her third child, she’s been through a darker time. On Instagram, it was by sharing a snapshot taken when she was a teenager that the singer wanted to confide in her fans. In the caption, she wrote: “13 years old was the age when I felt quite pretty…I think my rebellious days were due to the fact that I always had to be perfect and pretty…Then I went to extremes and got wild and naughty… But in those rebellious days honestly I still felt very sexy!!!One thing guardianship did to me…And one of the things that hurt me the most… I was always told that I was fat and never good enough!!!”

Angry Britney Spears revealed, “My dad always made me feel like I had to try…Try…Try!!! Huge!!! He ruined the deep seed of my existence…The seed that made me feel beautiful like I was 13… My confidence… My swag… My inner dialogue… And yes, even my sex life… The whole thing completely ruined!!! makes me feel ugly… Therefore, I was!!” On a more positive note, the singer added, “Believe me…Feeling pretty is a whole other world…I know that because I’ve witnessed both!!! If it makes some people feel bad comfortable. Good… Uncomfortable conversation is great!!! The moment the guardianship ended… I felt so good about myself!!! And guess what… I quit to try so hard and yes, I entered a whole new world!!! I felt beautiful… So I was! (…) The psychological damage of my father and every fucking person who accompanied him will always be there!!!”

Britney Spears: “Happy people attract the light”

Last March, the singer had already revealed that her father found her “too big.” On Instagram, she shared, “I have never been so humiliated and embarrassed in my life during my years of guardianship. My dad always told me that I was fat and being the heavy girl on stage n Wasn’t fun… It was humiliating!!!” Claiming to be a victim of all the societal exploitation to which women are subjected, the star explained: “I personally believe that people can be happy that they are skinny, old, fat, whatever… If you are happy and have good energy, you are 100% attractive!!! Happy people attract light and it’s contagious!!! God knows the secret to my success has never been related to beauty!!!”

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