A new twist. For several months, Britney Spears has been at the heart of a legal battle against Jamie Spears since she wishes to withdraw her guardianship, set up in 2007. The fight to regain freedom continues and the American singer can now count on new support of size. This Wednesday, July 28, his doctors broke the silence and indicated that they were in favor of his father’s withdrawal from the guardianship regime in a document given to the Superior Court of Los Angeles County. This was filed by the lawyer for Jodi Montgomery, co-tutor of Britney Spears since 2019 and relayed by TMZ this Thursday, July 29. “Britney Spears’ medical team thinks it is not in her best interests to keep Mr. Spears as a guardian,” one can first read. Subsequently, it is indicated that it is “preferable that Jamie Spears is removed from this tutelage because it torments the artist but also that it would be in the own interest of Britney”. Will these words be enough to tip the scales in favor of the American singer?

A new battle. In recent days, Britney Spears has now been defended by Mathew Rosengart. Upon his arrival, the latter promised an “aggressive” approach so that the supervision of his client is lifted. Indeed, he first petitioned the Superior Court of Los Angeles County in which we can read that Jamie Spears “greatly benefited from the guardianship of his daughter”. According to his words, the father of the American star “pays himself $ 16,000 each month from his daughter’s fortune, shockingly low compared to the number of albums she has sold around the world,” he says. Subsequently, the lawyer indicates that “serious questions arise as to the potential misconduct of Mr. Spears, including conflicts of interest, abuse of trusteeship and the obvious dissipation of Ms. Spears’ fortune. , which Mr. Spears has effectively controlled since 2008 “. If Matthew Rosengart arrived very recently, it seems that he is desperate to allow Britney Spears to regain his freedom.

Britney Spears: why are her fans worried again?

On her social networks, Britney Spears is transparent with her subscribers. Since her speech in the Los Angeles court on June 23, she has continued to publish and revel in. However, she has been posting topless photos for a few days. If the American singer seems to have a lot of fun and wants to show that she feels much better since the start of this fight, her fans are very worried. Many people wonder the reason for these publications and above all, if it is indeed her. “I’m totally confused,” “What’s going on?”, “I feel these photos are posted by someone else,” the comments read. For her part, Britney Spears has not reacted and only takes advantage of her daily life to do what pleases her.

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