Britney Spears under guardianship: this activity that she can do again after years of ban

Will Britney Spears ever regain her freedom? Under the tutelage of her father for 13 years now, the 39-year-old singer is fighting tooth and nail more than ever to lift this measure introduced after a widely publicized descent into hell in 2007, when she had just lost custody of her children. And while the judge in charge of the case refused to lift this guardianship, however granting her the right to be able to choose her own lawyer to represent her, which was heretofore forbidden, here is the pop star coming to be granted a new right: that of driving.

For all these years, Britney Spears was indeed not allowed to take the wheel, even on short trips between home and shops, or even to go on vacation. A victory made possible by his lawyer, who, barely engaged, had established a plan of attack to lift the tutelage of the singer and even request a removal measure against her father Jamie Spears. “Britney is very happy that the guardianship now allows her to drive, a source told People magazine. She is delighted and more than grateful for all the help she is receiving at this time.”

Was Britney Spears drugged against her will?

A new small victory for the pop star who hopes that his new lawyer will be able to put an end to this tutelage from which she has suffered for several years. Not being free of her movements, her decisions or even her body, Britney Spears however recently announced that she would not return on stage as long as she was under guardianship. A decision widely understood by her fans, who mobilize regularly through the #FreeBritney movement to support her and also claim the freedom for their favorite pop star, who multiplies the overwhelming speeches, and of whom it was recently revealed that she had been drugged many times by her father in order to be better “controlled”.

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