Britney Spears under guardianship: these shocking new revelations in the war between her and her father

Since 2008, Britney Spears no longer has full control over her life. Indeed, for more than ten years, the famous American singer has been placed under the tutelage of her father, Jamie Spears. If, in public, she rarely evokes this legal arrangement, in private, Britney Spears fights for it to end. According to documents revealed by the New York Times, this Tuesday, June 22, the singer has repeatedly opposed her placing under guardianship.

“She explained that she believed the guardianship had become an oppressive tool against her,” said a court investigator in 2016, according to documents revealed by The Times. Still according to this investigator, Britney Spears also said that “the arrangement was so strict that it gave her father the power to decide who she dated and befriended and how she designed her house.” After several years of silence, the internationally known singer said a few months ago that she no longer wanted her father to interfere in her affairs.

Credit card under surveillance, inability to paint his kitchen furniture, his father’s blood alcohol level …

Also according to the information of the Times, Britney Spears would have complained on several occasions to be always surrounded by a security service, that her credit card is kept by her assistant or that she could not even repaint the furniture of her. cooks without his father’s consent. In addition, while performing in Las Vegas and earning millions of dollars, the singer was only entitled to a weekly pension of $ 2,000. Finally, in 2014, during a closed session, Britney Spears would have mentioned the blood alcohol level of her father so that the guardianship ends.

Britney Spears © Backgrid USA

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