A real hell. For several months, Britney Spears has been at the heart of a legal battle between her and her father, Jamie Spears. She has taken matters into her own hands and recently hired a new lawyer who seems ready to do anything to help her regain her freedom. However, the revelations are linked and it is a former bodyguard of the singer, Fernando Flores, who confided in the columns of The Mirror this Saturday, August 7. For eight months, he was with Britney Spears and he was responsible for following her in her travels but also to make sure that everything was going well for her. “I feel very protective of Britney because I remember how vulnerable she was when I took care of her,” he says first. Subsequently, Fernando Flores gave more details about the singer’s daily life. “She was forced to live as an inmate in a golden prison. Even her phone calls were monitored,” he admits before adding: “She was never allowed to go out alone, she had to ask permission. to spend her money and her supply of cigarettes was rationed because she chained them, “he said. Determined to restore certain truths, the bodyguard clarified. “We had to hide her cell phone if she was texting people she wasn’t supposed to write to. One day she got mad at me because she wasn’t allowed to have her phone. started hitting me until his father called him and yelled at him, “he concluded.

Shocking revelations. When working alongside the American singer, Fernando Flores remembers that he was in charge of inspecting everything. “She was not allowed to contact close friends and if someone came to the house, such as a hairdresser, we had to search her bag to make sure nothing illegal was brought into the house,” he first remembered. “If Britney wanted to go to the beautician, we would go with her. Once she was out to see Madonna and she wanted to stay all night. Her father wouldn’t and she had a temper tantrum, like a little girl, “continues the bodyguard. In Fernando Flores’ words, if Britney Spears wasn’t “a multimillionaire she would just be a woman who lives on the streets. When I worked for her she spent her days watching things on TV and she danced and sang throughout the house, ”he says. Afterwards, the bodyguard remembered the day the singer set him up. “I accompanied her to Federline’s (Editor’s note: Kevin Federline, her ex-husband). When we arrived at his house, she yelled at him. I had to grab her to bring her home. Back home, I had Jamie on the phone who told me that this shouldn’t happen again, ”concluded Fernando Flores.

Britney Spears: what does Fernando Flores think of his tutelage?

While he spent a few months in the company of the singer, Fernando Flores has a very specific opinion concerning the establishment of this supervision. “When I was working for her, her state of mind showed that she always felt like she was being exploited and I’m afraid that is currently happening again,” he explains. The bodyguard, however, claims that she was a “complete mess before her guardianship was put in place and yet it helped him regain control of his life.” Even if he says “understand the #FreeBritney movement”, he says that, according to him, “the singer cannot count on herself. She has matured, she has aged but she still has serious problems that do not go just disappear with the tutelage, ”says Fernando Flores. As the revelations follow one another, will Britney Spears be able to regain her freedom?

Britney Spears © Agency – Bestimage

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