Britney Spears under guardianship: her heartbreaking message after being brought to justice

She was heard. This Wednesday, June 23, Britney Spears was heard by the courts to take stock of her guardianship. The next day, it is on her Instagram account that the singer wished to restore certain truths. While she continues the publications on which she says everything is fine, the 39-year-old artist no longer wishes to lie and she says that these facade smiles were just a lie. In a heartbreaking message, she delivers herself to her subscribers. “I want to tell you a little secret,” she wrote first before adding: “I think people want to see a fairy tale and from what I’ve posted my life seems to be perfect … I got that from my mom. No matter how miserable a day might be, she always pretended everything was fine, “she recalls. Determined to be honest, she then apologizes to her fans: “I don’t want people to think my life is perfect because it really isn’t. If you’ve watched the news on me this week, you now know that it is not! I apologize for having made believe that all was well these last two years “, she concludes.

If Britney Spears has succeeded in pretending that all is well during all these years it is also because, according to her words, “pretending has helped me a lot”, she writes. In addition, she says she was “ashamed to share what was happening to me … I pretended out of pride. But honestly, who doesn’t want to present their Instagram account in a nice light?” Asks the singer. The 39-year-old artist goes on to say that posting so much on social media made him “feel like I mattered no matter what I was going through. It worked so I started reading more tales from fairies, ”she admits. To illustrate her post, Britney Spears used a picture with a quote from Albert Einstein written on it. “If you want your kids to be smart, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be smarter, read them more fairy tales,” he said. A simple phrase that seems to have had a lot of meaning for the singer but which also allowed her to move forward on a daily basis.

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Facing the judge, Britney Spears did not mince words. Determined to explain what she has been going through on a daily basis since being placed under guardianship 13 years ago, she has made some moving confidences. “I just want to get on with my life, it’s been thirteen years and that’s enough,” she says before adding: “I told the world that I’m happy and that I’m fine but I’m traumatized. am not happy, I cannot sleep. I am so angry “. Furious at her father, she then made a revelation that deeply shocked her fans: “I have an IUD in my body right now that doesn’t allow me to have a baby and my guardians don’t allow me to go. to the doctor to remove it “. Under the publications of the American star but also on the hashtag #FreeBritney, launched several months ago, Internet users quickly showed their support. Will Britney Spears be able to resume a normal life soon?

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