Britney Spears: this strange photo that makes her fans react

Since the broadcast of the documentary Framming Britney Spears, the singer’s case has been talked about a lot around the world. Placed under the tutelage of her father for years, Britney Spears can not manage her money and her travel as she wants. Now rid of the problems that led the justice to put her under guardianship, she fights to be released from it but the legal procedures get bogged down. While the public is unaware of the state of health of the star, her fans watch for the slightest clue of her father’s hold on her. With her Instagram posts being vetted, many believe she is not allowed to speak openly about her discomfort.

A publication of Britney Spears dating from March 29 is again talking as it is enigmatic. The photo shows a woman from behind holding a baby skeleton with the caption: “Devils is in the details … Wouldn’t want this baby to hit me one more time!”. Britney Spears is referring here to her hit Baby One More Time, which launched her career in 1998. Despite the cry of laughter smileys posted by the singer, her fans quickly became concerned. Many do not understand why she posted this strange photo and are looking for a hidden message.

Britney Spears wants to free herself from her father

It would not be the first time that such theories have emerged. A few months ago, one of her fans asked her to wear yellow if she felt in danger. In the following video, the interpreter of Toxic was displayed with a top … yellow. It did not take more to launch the hashtag #freeBritney, which asks that the singer can be released from the tutelage of her father. A source close to the star told the American site Page Six that Britney Spears wants to be placed under the responsibility of Jodi Montgomery, a professional tutor. The star would refuse to perform in concert as his father still occupies this function.

Britney Spears © Agency – Bestimage

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