Britney Spears: this shot with Justin Timberlake re-emerged for a special occasion

In June 1999, it was at the age of 17 that Britney Spears began a high-profile relationship with Justin Timberlake. If since their separation in 2002, the two artists have not met again, it is on a snapshot posted on Instagram that fans were happy to find them. On the latter, we can see the singer surrounded by her sister Jamie Lynn Spears, but also Natalie Portman and Justin Timberlake. In order to wish her little sister a happy birthday, Britney Spears wrote in the caption: “Happy birthday to this beautiful soul !!! I love you so much and damn it, I wish I was as smart as you at 30! C it’s weird to say that i was basically your mom when you were younger and yes i’m still older but your soul is and always has been wiser !!!! “

Moved, the 39-year-old singer added: “I am truly and sincerely inspired by your path and the life you have created for your beautiful children and I am so proud to call someone so beautiful on the inside. that you, my sister !!!! And not only are you a beautiful soul, you are so strong. (…) Things have changed for 6 years !!!!! PS: I would have liked to be as strong as you and happy birthday !!!! ” If the reappearance of this cliché may come as a surprise, it was last January that Jamie Lynn Spears commented on a publication where his sister took the pose next to Justin Timberlake. With humor, she wrote: “My parents. Divorce is difficult.”

Is the star at the origin of this publication?

In the comments section, many Internet users found it very surprising that Britney Spears does not share a more recent photo with her sister, but especially that she chooses a photo where her ex-boyfriend appears … “It’s weird to choose this image … “; “She doesn’t have a picture with her sister without Justin Timberlake on it?” ; “What does that mean?”, Can we read. Other fans are convinced that the pretty blonde is not at the origin of this publication. Many of them wrote: “That’s how we know it’s not Britney who manages this account!” ; “You are not Britney”; but also: “Britney would not use a photo with Justin …” Any advice?

Justin Timberlake © Zuma Press

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