Britney Spears: this radical decision she made that could tip her tutelage

Britney Spears’ decision is made. For several weeks, the singer has been fighting to lift the tutelage that her father has exercised over her for 13 years now, with moving and heartbreaking testimonies, as well as denunciations of the justice system which rejected her request a few days ago. If the judge in charge of the case recently conceded her a small victory by allowing her to choose a lawyer herself to represent her, which was until then forbidden to her, the singer has just made a new decision. which may not please his fans. But that they could understand, those who have been behind her for several months to support her through the #FreeBritney movement.

“I will not go back on stage as long as my father controls what I wear, say, do or think”, announced Britney Spears in a message on Instagram, to respond in particular to those who criticize the many videos she posts, in which she dances, notably calling her to come back on stage rather than dancing in her living room. “This trusteeship killed my dreams … so all I have is hope, and hope is the one thing in this world that is very hard to kill … yet people are still trying. “, she added to her message, like a spade launched at her detractors.

What new steps have Britney Spears taken?

Immediately appointed by the singer, lawyer Mathew Rosengart was quick to unveil his plan of attack to “release” Britney Spears from this tutelage, revealing that he had planned “as soon as possible” to file a request so that Jamie Spears no longer has control over his daughter’s property. “I want an investigation against my father,” assured the star who intends to file a complaint and who spoke at the hearing on Wednesday July 14 by telephone, even mentioning a possible “protection order” against him. In tears, she begged the court to put an end to this “abusive guardianship”, denouncing in particular the “fucking cruelty” of this procedure.

Britney Spears © Agency – Bestimage

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