Britney Spears: these health recommendations that were made to her after the end of her guardianship

Since 2008, Britney Spears has been under the tutelage of her father, Jamie Spears. A decision that she wished to challenge a few months ago and she expressed herself before the American courts on June 23. This Friday, November 12, she had the joy of learning that her guardianship had been lifted. However, as the Daily Mail revealed on November 18, many recommendations were made to him. Indeed, Jodi Montgomery, the singer’s co-tutor, called on doctors to advise her. First, there are concerns about his conduct. Over the years Britney Spears has been the victim of numerous accidents and while she is delighted to be able to get behind the wheel, she is going to have to be very careful. She should also stay away from alcohol and drugs. “The plan is for the singer to follow her treatment by taking her medication and attending regular therapy sessions, in addition to other medical appointments,” the tabloid said. However, it is subsequently stated that it is “not obliged to adhere to these recommendations”. No doubt Britney Spears will be very careful not to lose her freedom again.

She wants to tell her story. After spending 13 years under the tutelage of her father, Jamie Spears, the singer is ready to do anything to break the silence. Very close to her subscribers, she does not hesitate to tell them many secrets, including last November 12. In an Instagram post, she first said: “Honestly, it shocks me every day to wake up wondering how my family and this guardianship were able to do this to me … It was demoralizing and degrading.” Subsequently, the singer mentioned her mother who, while she is no longer on the front of the stage, was also very involved in her guardianship. “I don’t even tell myself about all the horrible things they could have done to me that they had to be in jail for … yes, I include my mother, even if she goes to church”, a- she asserted. Very upset after his entourage, the 39-year-old artist assured that he “used to be silent but not this time. I have NOT forgotten!” If Britney Spears takes the time to tell her story, there is no doubt that she will chain the revelations, each more shocking than the next.

Britney Spears: will she give an interview to Oprah Winfrey?

Britney Spears has been in the spotlight for several months because of her tutelage. She was able to count on the support of her fans who have continued to defend her. Determined to restore the truth, she is already doing it through the captions of her posts on Instagram but could she express herself on television? “As much to give an overview of what I think before going to Oprah and to put things in the clear”, she wrote in her Instagram post of November 12, before denouncing the actions of her parents. If the singer decides to grant an interview to Oprah Winfrey, this one will make a lot of talk.

Britney Spears © © Bauer-Griffin / KCS PRESS

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