Britney Spears: the star accuses her father of abuse

Britney Spears has been placed under her father’s guardianship since 2008 due to the depression she suffered. However, this is the second time in a month that the 39-year-old pop star has taken Los Angeles court to find a solution to her situation. Britney Spears wants to oust her father once and for all. She specifies that: “My father must be ousted today and I will be happy that Jodi helps me”.

When Britney went to court in Los Angeles at her June hearing, the star let it be understood that “the guardianship exerted an intolerable level of control over her life.” Among other things, she criticized her father for forbidding her to have children. She also said she was forced to take lithium, a powerful mood stabilizer with serious side effects.

“Ma’am, this is not abuse, this is fucking cruelty”

During her hearing last Wednesday, Britney Spears reaffirmed her wish to oust her father. She expressed herself in tears, on many facts related to her childhood. She mentioned among other things, “extreme abandonment problems” while specifying that she was “extremely afraid of my father”. During this hearing, she got a little carried away by talking about the fact that “her hair vitamins and her coffee had been taken away”.

If his court-appointed lawyer Samuel Igham and the wealth management company supposed to oversee his finances have abandoned him, Britney Spears has a whole community of fans behind her. In addition, one can also note the support of Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz. The latter said that: “Whenever a hearing in this case does not result in the liberty of Britney Spears and the dissolution of her guardianship, it is a black eye on the American judicial system”.

Britney Spears © Agency

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