Britney Spears’ many years of guardianship finally came to an end this year. A freedom that she fully savors, as reported Here. “This year, I was able to get money for the first time with my credit card!!! Damn I have to say… Not being part of your slave treatment program has completely changed my life”, had expressed Britney Spears on the subject. Unfortunately, what the singer does with this freedom is not unanimous among her fans. Recall that lately, the singer of Toxic had made a lot of talk about her on social networks by posing naked.

However, tiktokeur Khal.ali, Brit Brit claims that this behavior is actually a withdrawal phrase. “Actually the truth is this: So Britney Spears had been on lithium and on meds for years, it was her dad’s way of controlling her by giving her drugs that weren’t meant for her because she wasn’t meant to be. did not suffer from bi-polarity“, had explained the tiktokeur. “It was a way to knock her out so she could do all her tours, her concerts, her residencies in Las Vegas…Britney ended her guardianship, she no longer trusts the doctors who ‘surrounded and so she decided to wean herself. Following this very brutal weaning, Britney had entered a phase of madness and psychosis,” added this No. 1 fan of the star.

Britney Spears: she wanted to be interned because of a mental break-down

Britney Spears is well aware of the seriousness of her condition, according to blogger Aqababe. Reason why she would have asked to be treated. “Britney Spears wanted to be interned following a mental break-down,” he explained. A source would also have told this specialist that Britney’s husband, Sam Asghari, would like to “cut off the internet so that she can relax and get back in shape on social networks”. In any case, Aqababe says that everything is now going well for the singer. It is directly her husband who would have given her this confirmation.

Britney Spears: the singer would have asked to be interned

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