Britney Spears: the shocking revelations of her former bodyguard on her drug use

Britney Spears no longer supports guardianship. For 13 years now, the American singer is no longer free of her actions after being entrusted to the care of her father Jamie Spears, following a terrible descent into hell greatly publicized. From now on, her career, her money, and even her body and her morals, are under the authority of this father facing whom she has been struggling for several months, threatening to file a complaint against him, while she has decided not to go back up. on stage and continue her career until she is free. If she even multiplies the shocking testimonies in court to lift this measure, Britney Spears was recently rejected this request. But could external testimony tip the scales in his favor?

As reported by The Sun, Fernando Flores, a former bodyguard of the star, recently confided in the months following his placement under guardianship, and in particular, the treatment inflicted on him while he was working for it. Thus, he claimed that the singer received a cocktail of potent drugs every week, and was not allowed to leave her home alone, while her cell phone was constantly monitored. “I was explaining [to Britney] what it was all about: three antipsychotic drugs and birth control pills,” he said, talking about the drugs given to the singer. “She went from being sane to talking about parallel universes,” he recalls.

How Jamie Spears kept an eye on Britney

For eight months in 2010, Fernando Flores was therefore Britney Spears’ bodyguard, responsible for following her on her travels, and also, to search the bags of people who wanted to visit the singer. Jamie Spears him, “called three or four times a day to check what was going on,” recalls the bodyguard. “If she wanted something, she had to ask her permission,” he said, also confident that when he worked for the star, the latter was often alone and spent “her days watching television or watching TV. practice”. A real ordeal for Britney Spears, who after years of silence recently revealed the content of this guardianship, and the consequences on her mental health.

Britney Spears © JLPPA

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