After living through hell for several years, Britney Spears regained her freedom in November 2021. The guardianship that her father had exercised over her for a long time was lifted, which allowed the singer to fully enjoy her life as a woman. On social networks, she is very transparent with her fans and connects the confidences. She regularly shares videos on which we can see her dancing and these have sometimes worried Internet users. In a post this Monday, Nov. 7, Britney Spears sways to the tunes of Pumped Up Kicks, by Foster the People. The opportunity for her to make an unexpected revelation. “I’m dancing to the beat now Victoria,” she wrote first, without specifying who she was addressing. Afterwards, she indicated that she suffered “from nerve damage in the right part of (her) body”. A disease for which there “is no cure”, she then assures. Thus, it is the dance that allows him to relieve his pain a little. In the comments, she was able to count on the support of her subscribers, always present by her side. A publication that the singer quickly deleted.

Britney Spears alarmed internet users by sharing these revelations on her Instagram account. Following the deletion of the publication, it was on Twitter that she gave more details. “It’s caused by a lack of oxygen in the brain,” she said before adding: “I wake up three times a week with my hands completely numb”. Subsequently, the singer revealed the symptoms she suffers from. “Nerve damage can numb your body. The nerves are very small and it feels like tingling all the way down my right side and up my neck,” she revealed. A daily life which is therefore not easy for Britney Spears. “The part that hurts me the most is my temple… It stings and scares me.” A disease that she has not “been able to face during the last three years since I was in a slight unconscious state”, she assures. As a reminder, she had been sent to a medical establishment, against her will, in 2019. Now free, the singer devotes herself fully to her health and her private life.

Britney Spears: why does she like to dance so much?

Britney Spears connects the videos on which she dances and this very often worries Internet users. Does she want to send a message? Is this a cry for help? During this speech, the singer took the opportunity to restore the truth. “It’s funny, when I dance I don’t feel pain,” she said. “It’s like my spirit is calling on my inner child. And even though I don’t move like I used to…I think my faith in this idea has given me strength,” she continued. , relieved to be able to soothe her pain. Dancing would allow her, according to her, to feel “the oxygen passing through her brain and her neck. My eyes are more open now and I can raise my head properly”, she revealed. Determined to reassure her fans, she then clarified that she was “much better” these days.

Britney Spears: the incurable nerve damage she heals by dancing

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