Britney Spears reveals shocking threats from her father

In recent months, the name of Britney Spears has come up regularly on everyone’s lips and the singer’s future is played out both in court and on social networks, where her fans are always more numerous. Put under the tutelage of her father in 2008, Britney Spears had long refused to speak on the subject before officially asking the justice to withdraw it in August 2020. A year later, her father Jamie officially announced that he agrees to leave his role as guardian of Britney Spears. This announcement was seen as a real victory by fans of the singer, for whom Jamie Spears has become public enemy number 1.

The documentary Britney vs Spears, which will be released on Netflix on September 28, promises to make a lot of revelations about the star’s legal fight and should not raise the popularity of Jamie Spears. This documentary will notably broadcast the extract of a voice message sent by the singer to her lawyer in 2009, in which she reveals that her father threatened her: “I’m still calling you because I want to be sure that during the request for withdrawal of the guardianship, my father is not going to take my children from me, as he has threatened several times to do so “.

Britney Spears feared losing her children

Britney Spears then adds: “I just want to be sure that everything is going to be okay with this case and that you are going to take care of everything. I want things to stay the same when it comes to custody of my children.” At the time, Britney Spears had obtained joint custody of her sons Sean and Jayden with her ex-husband Kevin Federline but her share has since been reduced. In 2019, an investigation was conducted on Jamie Spears, accused of mistreating his two grandchildren. The latter obtained a restraining order against their grandfather shortly after. While Britney Spears seems to see the end of the tunnel today, she announced to her fans another good news, that of her engagement to sports coach Sam Asghari.

Britney Spears © JLPPA

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