Britney Spears is a fulfilled woman. In November 2021, the guardianship that her father had exercised over her for years was finally lifted. She was therefore able to return to a normal life and take full advantage, in the company of Sam Asghari. The one who has been a valuable support over the months, asked her to marry and it is logical that the singer said “yes”. A few weeks later, she announced that she was pregnant with her third child. Everything seems to be going well for the couple, who do not hesitate to have fun on social networks. This Thursday, April 21, Sam Asghari shared a video in which we can hear him having a fit of jealousy at his fiancée. The reasons? A shirtless, framed photo of Brad Pitt in Britney Spears’ bedroom. “Ok, so we have a big problem”, he first launched before adding: “My fiancée has a photo of… Who is it? Brad Pitt”. A situation that seems to amuse the main concerned a lot. However, Sam Asghari does not intend to let it go and affirms: “I am ten times better than him”.

If Britney Spears admires Brad Pitt a lot, it is in the arms of Sam Asghari that she is fulfilled on a daily basis. She has been able to count on his support over the months and now seems ready to enjoy her freedom. On April 11, the singer made a very unexpected announcement to her fans. She is pregnant with her third child. “I lost weight for my trip to Maui only to find that I had finally gained it all back. I was like, ‘Damn, what’s happening to my stomach?'” she had began in the caption of a publication. “So I did a pregnancy test and… I’m going to have a baby!”, continued the singer, delighted to start a new life. As a reminder, Britney Spears is already the mother of two boys. She gave birth to Sean Preston on September 14, 2005. The year after, on September 12, 2006, Jayden James showed up. Both were born of her union with Kevin Federline, with whom she was married and from whom she separated in November 2006. It is far from the media coverage that the two boys live since their mother respects their choice. “There are a lot of things I can’t share with you because my children are very secretive, which I love,” she revealed on her Instagram account before adding that both are doing very well.

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Britney Spears: how is her pregnancy going?

Britney Spears is very transparent with her subscribers. On her Instagram account, she shares her daily life and does not hesitate to chain revelations. Thus, it is logical that she keeps them informed of her pregnancy. This Wednesday, April 20, the singer revealed to suffer from a relatively common symptom. “I worked hard to lose weight and succeeded…then I found that a small fetus was growing inside of me and I was extremely hungry,” she explained. in the caption of three photos of pizza.

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