Britney Spears: her powerful and unexpected tribute to Princess Diana

As a true icon, Lady Diana is frequently the subject of powerful tributes, even 24 years after her tragic death following a car accident. This Friday, May 28, and as quoted by the British tabloid The Mirror, Britney Spears joins these celebrities who say they are amazed by the beauty and kindness of the Princess of Wales, adored by the public. “She never wanted to be the queen, she wanted to be the heart of the people”, comments the singer in legend of a publication relayed on her Instagram account. “She was beyond class … She was a pure genius in the way she spoke, in the way she took care of her children,” continues the popstar.

According to her, the deceased was “completely oblivious to her own power.” Britney Spears adds: “She will always be remembered as one of the most remarkable women to date.” An unexpected tribute that his community has validated according to the thread of the comments. Lady Diana recently resurfaced the headlines following an investigation into her confessions interview on Panorama, which has become legendary (and scandalous for the royal family of England). Journalist Martin Bashir has been accused of having manipulated the Princess of Hearts in order to collect her shocking confidences. A scheme that has clearly paid off: his career was propelled following his interview with the mother of princes William and Harry.

Britney Spears soon released from her father’s tutelage?

A heavy Instagram user, Britney Spears often shares glimpses of her daily life with her followers. But for several months, the interpreter of Toxic has been at the heart of attention and speculation due to a legal battle between him and his father, Jamie Spears. Put under the supervision of this one in 2008, after a descent into hell highly publicized, she now wants Jodi Montmory, her care manager, to be in charge of her supervision. In this process, she received the unwavering support of her mother, Lynne Spears, who accuses her ex-husband of having used their daughter’s fortune to pay her lawyers. The presence of Britney Spears on social networks even worried her fans: they decided to launch the #FreeBritney movement, believing that it was time to release her from the tutelage of Jamie Spears. An appointment is set for June 23, 2021 and could well be decisive.


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