Britney Spears and her sister are torn over a controversial book. On January 18, Jamie Lynn Spears unveiled her autobiography titled Things I Should Have Said. A book in which she did not hesitate to make terrible revelations about her older sister: “At no time did my sister really wonder who was really responsible for her problems (…) Britney’s passionate statements included the wrongdoings of everyone involved, without any reference to herself.” Words that Britney Spears only moderately appreciated and wanted to make it known on her Instagram account.

This Saturday, January 29, the star has indeed shared an excerpt from a television program in which Jamie Lynn participated to promote his book. A video accompanied by a message where she does not go there with the back of the spoon: “The timing of your book is still incredible, Jamie Lynn. Especially when you know very well that the whole world has no idea what was imposed on me. But seeing all my family, including you, daring to say that YOU DIDN’T KNOW! F*utage of the face! The nerve you have to sell a book and talk bullshit, when you don’t just lie like you lied about Alexa Nikolas before. Wish you would go through a lie detector so everyone could see how ingrained lying is in you.” she got carried away.

Britney Spears: ‘You’re making money off me’

In this publication, Britney Spears also criticizes her sister for getting rich by taking advantage of her story: “I would like Almighty God to come down among us and show everyone that you are lying and making money on my back,” she concluded. Since the lifting of her guardianship, Britney has clearly chosen to settle her accounts, and beware of those who would like to get in her way.

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