A new arrest which costs him his freedom. Shortly before the complete lifting of her guardianship, after 13 years under the yoke of her father, Britney Spears announced her engagement to Sam Asghari, who has shared her life for several years. Happy, the singer is therefore preparing to say “yes” to the sports coach, for a third marriage, where no member of his family will be invited. Because before spinning the perfect love, she indeed married Kevin Federline, the father of her two sons from whom she divorced in 2006, and before that, was married to Jason Allen Alexander. Childhood friends, Britney Spears and he remained married for 55 hours before the union, which took place in Las Vegas, was finally called off.

Today, Jason Allen Alexander is far from leading a discreet existence, he who is regularly talked about for his many … Arrests. The most recent being the one that occurred on December 30 in the town of Franklin, Tennessee, for violating a restraining order and exercising aggravated harassment against a person whose identity has not been revealed. , reports Page Six. While waiting to be heard on February 17 in court, Britney Spears’ ex-husband has been taken into custody at Williamson County Jail, and will be released if he pays bail of $ 30,000 (a little more than 26,000 euros).

Jason Allen Alexander increases arrests

Regularly pinned down for acts of violence, drunk driving or possession of illegal substances, Jason Allen Alexander seems to have started on a bad slope, he who had, on January 6, 2021, also participated in the invasion of Capitol, as a fervent supporter of Donald Trump, who called on his supporters to contest the election of Joe Biden by invading the seat of Congress. An event that caused the deposition of the former US president, while violent clashes broke out, the FBI still investigating today to question all the people who participated in these riots.

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