Britney Spears: forced to keep an IUD, forced to take lithium… Her terrifying testimony

This Wednesday, June 23, the icon of American pop spoke alone for the very first time in a Los Angeles court to ask for the end of his guardianship put in place since 2008. To accompany his request, the star testified to his 13 years of hell by revealing many facts related to this supervision which she considers “abusive”: “I just want to resume my life, it’s been thirteen years and that’s enough” before resuming “I tell the world that I’m happy and fine but I’m traumatized. I’m not happy, I can’t sleep. I’m so angry. “

Britney Spears calls for the end of her guardianship established in 2008 following psychological disorders

Britney Spears, furious with her father, later delivered poignant revelations that deeply shocked her fans: “I have an IUD in my body at the moment which does not allow me to have a baby and my guardians do not allow me. not to go to the doctor to remove it. ” The 39-year-old singer also mentioned that her medication was changed to prescribe lithium “which is very strong”, which made her feel “to be drunk all the time”. She further added to the judge, “The last time I spoke to you made me feel like I was dead. I repeat, because I am not lying. Maybe, then, you will understand the severity of damage. I deserve changes “

The pop star thus requests the immediate end of his guardianship without needing to be tested by an expert and without the obligation to undergo therapy twice a week. She also wants to be able to choose her own lawyer: “I just want my life back. To have my own money and to be able to let my boyfriend drive me with him in his car”.

Brtiney Spears’ comments were brutal to say the least and shocked fans, who were already campaigning for the “Free Britney” campaign. A large number of them were also present in court on Wednesday to support their idol.

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