The start of a new life? For several months, Britney Spears has been the center of attention because of her legal battle against her father, Jamie Spears. The singer no longer wishes to be under her tutelage and she expressed herself before the American courts on June 23. Despite a decision that was not in her favor, it seems however that she is moving forward. According to information published by the Daily Mail this Sunday, July 18, Britney Spears was seen driving her car in the streets of Los Angeles. At his side, his companion Sam Asghari. However, one detail did not go unnoticed. While the young woman reached out to grab a coffee in a drive, a huge jewel was visible on her left ring finger. Soon speculation arose that it was an engagement ring. Does Britney Spears have good news to announce soon? If she did not provide more details on her social networks, this information contradicts her assertions during her trial since she had declared that she could not get married, because of her guardianship.

She wants to regain her freedom. While the lifting of her guardianship was rejected, Britney Spears made a radical decision regarding her career. On her Instagram account, the singer is very transparent with her subscribers and she regularly posts videos of her on which she dances, to their delight. However, it is sad news that she recently announced. “I will not go back on stage as long as my father controls what I wear, say, do or think. I have been doing this for over thirteen years,” she said at first. “This trusteeship killed my dreams … so all I have is hope, and hope is the one thing in this world that is very hard to kill … yet people are still trying. “, she then specifies. If she posted this long message, it is to respond to her detractors, who advised her to “go on stage rather than dance in her living room”. Determined not to let it go, the American star said she didn’t “want to put on makeup and go on stage to do something I don’t like. I tried for years to sing new songs during my concerts. for my fans, in vain “, she admits before adding:” I stop. I do not like the way in which documentaries show humiliating moments of my past when it is behind me for a long time ” , concludes Britney Spears.

Britney Spears under guardianship: was she drugged by her relatives?

As Britney Spears wants to end her father’s guardianship, outside testimony could tip the scales in her favor. Fernando Flores, who was the star’s bodyguard for eight months in 2010, spoke to The Sun. He spoke of the treatment inflicted on him. “I was explaining to Britney what all she was taking was: three antipsychotic drugs and birth control pills,” he recalled before adding, “She went from being sane to talking about the universe. parallels “. He later spoke of his role with the singer: “I had to follow her on her travels and search the bags of people who were to visit her. Her father called her three or four times a day to check what was going on. “, he indicates. A complicated situation for Britney Spears: “If she wanted something, she had to ask his permission. She spent her days watching television or training,” he concluded. Will the singer be able to regain her freedom soon?

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