The days go by and look alike on Britney Spears’ Instagram… The American singer, who finally regained her freedom after the end of the establishment of the guardianship she had been under for more than a decade, loose more and more on the photo and video sharing application. This time, Monday May 9, 2022, the interpreter of the tubes Hold it against me, Toxic or Everytime has decided to publish on his profile pictures of her in the simplest device. Except that this time, the fiancée of Sam Asghari shows almost everything!

Placed in a frontal position in relation to the lens that captures her silhouette, the popstar is therefore completely naked. She hides her breasts with her hands and the rest of her private parts with a small pink heart emoji. In less than 24 hours, the images garnered over a million likes! In the comments, Internet users are divided. If some admire the perfect plastic of the one who recently announced that she is expecting her third child, others are dubious when they see content of this kind linked to the profile of Britney Spears. Fans would even wonder about a possible relapse of the main interested party, which they would suppose freewheeling…

Britney Spears leaves her fans skeptical by revealing new photos of her naked

One thing is in any case certain, Britney Spears is having fun like crazy since she regained control of her social networks. She also takes advantage of these platforms to offer a unique look at her personal life to her loyal admirers. In recent days, for example, she has shown a piece of her future wedding veil, thus subtly indicating that the fateful date is approaching!

Britney Spears © CPA

Lara T.
Lara T.

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