Britney Spears called for help the day before her hearing

She no longer wishes to be silent! Ten days after Britney Spears testified in court asking for her guardianship to be lifted, a new report has revealed shocking new details. On the eve of the hearing, according to a person close to the singer and law enforcement in Ventura County, California, where she lives, the star called for help to report himself as a victim of abuse of guardianship. . Soon after, Britney Spears’ team members reportedly started texting each other frantically. They were indeed worried about what the interpreter of Oops I Did It Again might say the next day, and would have discussed how to prepare in case she spoke a lot …

The report also gives new details about the meetings the singer’s team had each week. It reads: “Every Thursday at noon, a dozen people responsible for managing Britney Spears’ legal and commercial affairs, public relations and social networks meet to discuss merchandise offers, license applications for song and Britney Spears posts on Instagram and Twitter. ” It is also written that if the star writes her own social media posts, she would be obligated to submit them to her team at CrowdSurf before posting them …

Britney Spears’ real cry from the heart

While she has been living under her father’s tutelage for thirteen years, Britney Spears now wants to regain control of her life. On Wednesday 23 June 2021, the singer said during an audience: “I never said it openly – I never thought that anyone would believe me. I am not lying. I just want to get my life back. . It’s been 13 years, and that’s been enough. I want to be able to be heard. I’ve kept this on for so long – it’s not good for my heart. ” Angry, the singer added: “Madam judge, my father and all those involved in this supervision and my management, who played a huge role in punishing me when I said no … Madam, they should be in prison (…). I would really like to file a complaint against my family, to be totally honest with you. I would also like to be able to share my story with the world and say what they did to me, instead of everything is a well-kept secret to their advantage. “

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