Britney Spears: after her trying time in court, she offers herself a romantic vacation

Rest for Britney Spears. The singer needed to find her lover after having testified in court on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. Indeed, the mother of the family asked the justice to put an end to her placement under guardianship which would ruin her life for years. She assured that she was “prevented from getting married and having other children, that she was not allowed to remove her IUD and that she was forced to take Lithium”. At the end of the hearing, she needed comfort and it was in Sam Asghari’s arms that she found the calm and appeasement necessary for her happiness. The lovers flew to Hawaii. “Britney is thrilled to be back in Hawaii. It’s her favorite place. She can’t get enough of it. She would move there if she could,” a source told People. However, for the time being, the couple cannot consider living there. “Sam has a career in Los Angeles so it would be difficult for him to move.”

Britney Spears and Sam have been dating for almost five years. They met when the model appeared in the music video for singer’s song Slumber Party. “Sam has been Britney’s rocker for years. He makes sure she eats well and works out,” a source told the tabloid. “She leans on him for everything. He works and has a life of his own too, but he’s there as much as he can.”

How many kids does Britney Spears have?

In Hawaii, the lovebirds enjoy each other and have a good time. They were seen lounging on a lounge chair in the sun. Something to recover and recharge after a week full of surprises and emotion for the mother of two children. There is no doubt that Sam Asghari will be a new present for Britney Spears to help her overcome this new ordeal.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari © The ImageDirect

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