After ten years of marriage, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox have ended their romantic relationship. While the 34-year-old actress is now very much in love with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, the star of the Beverly Hills 90210 series was seen with model Tina Louise, before the latter left him! And for good reason, she could not bear to be compared to the sulphurous actress. An informant revealed: “To be compared to Megan Fox, every man’s fantasy, is very difficult.” Asked by the Hollywood Raw podcast, Brian Austin Green agreed to reveal how he learned about the love story between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly: “I found out for myself. And those are the only details I would give you. about it. I haven’t read anything about it or anything. ”

As his ex-wife comes out openly with the young rapper, Brian Austin Green opened up about how he was handling the situation: “If you want to you can ignore it and avoid it, and that’s what I do. . I try not to read or watch anything so as not to get involved. I keep my head down, do what I have to do and focus on the children. I know she does the same thing.” While Megan Fox is currently filming a movie with her new boyfriend, the 47-year-old comedian has demanded that the latter be respected: “Everyone is judging her right now because she is out of the country and is not. not present We travel and we work It’s no different, it’s just that we are no longer together. When one travels and works, the other will step back and take care of the house and the kids, this situation is no different. It’s not that she cares about it anymore. Megan loves her children, she would do anything for them, she already did, and will continue to do so. ”

How does the duo manage their co-parenting?

Separated from the mother of his children, Brian Austin Green also spoke of introducing them to new people: “I think the rule most people follow is that you don’t want to introduce someone to your kids as someone. ‘one that you like or have a relationship with before it’s stable and serious because you don’t want people to come in and out of your children’s lives like that. ” Before adding: “It has to be done in a responsible way. We talked about being as responsible as possible with the children. We want to make this a positive experience.”

Brian Austin Green: how he learned the love story between his ex-Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly © Instagram

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