A 22-year-old woman from Brest was kidnapped and abused by her mother and brother. The latter would not have accepted the relationship of their daughter and their sister with the man with whom she had just married who would belong to the community of Travelers. They would then have kidnapped and sequestered the latter from September 28 to 29. They also allegedly shaved his head. The victim managed to contact friends on social networks to alert them to his situation. They then notified the police.

The 49-year-old mother and 27-year-old son were arrested and taken into custody. During the hearings, they both denied the charges against him. They were remanded in custody. The mother and son were to appear immediately, this Tuesday, October 4, at the Brest Criminal Court. The mother of the family was not present in court, as reported by the Actu.fr site, hospitalized in the psychiatric hospital of Bohars. The victim’s brother, on the other hand, was present at the bar.

Judgment is set for October 28 next.

The young man has five entries on his criminal record and is unemployed. He was not very expressive in front of the judges. According to his lawyer, the defendant has difficulties of expression and social and professional adaptation. “His case is in progress for his recognition as a disabled worker,” he said. He also returned to the facts indicating that no one in the family “refused the marriage” of the victim with a person from the Traveler community, however the announcement of this relationship “had created surprise, a mental shock” . The case was finally sent back, it will be on October 28th. The judges decided to keep the two defendants in detention pending trial.

Brest: a young woman kidnapped and shaved by her mother and brother

Brest: a young woman kidnapped and shaved by her mother and brother © Pixabay

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