England suffered a scorching summer in 2018 after which Tetney Golf Club in Lincolnshire decided to clean the lake from golf. It was during this cleaning that the workers discovered what looks like a prehistoric coffin three meters long. Mark Casswell is amazed to say the least by this discovery given that his family had always cultivated this land for years. He confided to the English press that he had never imagined “that there was a whole other world buried under the fields”.

According to the University of Sheffield report, the coffin is made of logs and weighs no less than half a ton. The most astonishing is that it contains the skeleton of a man equipped with an ax with a wooden handle and a stone head, “perfectly preserved”. And yet, according to expertise, the coffin dates from the Bronze Age, it was buried about 2000 years ago.

“Rescue and recovery operation”

Since the coffin was at the bottom of a lake, it was starting to deteriorate, archaeologists had to do their job quickly and carefully. It was then that they discovered that the man was about six feet tall and showed signs of osteoarthritis when he was only 40 years old. According to Dr Willmott of the University of Sheffield, osteoarthritis is not due to old age, but is “the result of hard work”.

Even more surprisingly, the ax accompanying the skeleton would have an important meaning, it is a “symbol of authority”. Finally, according to Tim Allen, archaeologist at Historic England, the man must have been of a certain hierarchy during his lifetime, because log coffins are exclusively designed for people of high rank.

Mark Casswell © The Sun

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