Brazilian MP is suspected, along with 10 of her 55 children, of the murder of her husband

She presented herself to the electorate as a loving mother who had adopted fifty children from the favelas. Now, she’s portrayed in the press like her husband’s alleged murderer. Flordelis dos Santos de Souza, a 59-year-old Brazilian MP and former gospel singer, is suspected of having orchestrated the assassination of her husband with the help of some of her children. The facts date back to June 16, 2019. In the garage of their family home in Niteroi, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, evangelical pastor Anderson do Carmo, 42, collapsed to the ground under a violent volley of bullets to avoid never get up.

Thirty impacts are counted in the body of the one Flordelis married in 1998. The couple were parents of 55 children, the vast majority of whom had been adopted. For months, on Instagram, the chosen one mourns the disappearance of her husband: “A part of me died with you. […] The doulenur mingles with the revolt, it is too cruel what they do. ‘did.” According to her, her husband was the victim of a gang of burglars, who came to loot their residence. Her version seems never to have convinced the authorities who hold her as the main suspect.

“If anyone had anything to lose with his death, it was me,” says widow

Today, Flordelis strongly rejects the accusations. “I am sentenced without even having had the right to a trial. If anyone had something to lose with his death, it was me,” she lamented on her Facebook account in early September. According to the police, his motives are pecuniary. “Madam was not satisfied with the way Pastor Anderson lived his life and managed the finances of the family,” said the director of the General Directorate of Homicides and the Protection of Persons of the Civil Police, Antonio Ricardo Lima Nunes.

Prosecutors thus described a violent argument during which the pastor allegedly prevented his wife from financially favoring some of his children. “What can I do? I cannot divorce, that would sully the name of God”, she would then have sent by SMS to one of her sons. To get rid of the grip of her husband, the member would not hesitate to seek the help of her children. Ten of them could have been accomplices in this bloody murder. Investigators say “20% of the family is involved in the crime.” Two of his sons, Lucas and Flavio, have already been languishing in prison for a year. The first is suspected of having obtained the murder weapon, the second of having fired – thirty times – at the defenseless body of the victim.

Behind the image of the “mother of the favelas” hid an ambitious woman

More than a year after the events, a new series of arrests took place at the end of August at the home of the mother of the family. At least five of her children were arrested, along with one of her granddaughters. “She was surprised when we arrived and cried a bit,” added the investigator. Anderson and Flordelis started raising their family over twenty years ago. Originally from the favelas, the Brazilian artist has always been keen to get these children out of poverty. A laudable intention which has contributed to its popularity. “The investigation showed that this altruistic image was only a strategy to reach its financial and political position”, commented the civil police commissioner of Niteroi, Allan Duarte.

The love story between Flordelis and Anderson is atypical to say the least. When they met in 1991, the singer was 30 years old; him, only 14. It is first as an adopted child that he enters his life. After a short love affair with the singer’s biological daughter, it is finally to the latter that he will swear, in front of the altar, to accompany her until death separates them … For now, the police were not able to handcuff Flordelis, and for good reason: the elected official enjoys parliamentary immunity specific to the position she has held since 2018.

“The conclusion of the investigation is this: she planned this cowardly murder”

On August 24, however, the authorities transmitted the result of the investigation to Congress. An action that would allow her to be dismissed from her duties, and therefore to initiate criminal proceedings. “The conclusion of the investigation is as follows: she planned this cowardly murder,” insisted police director Antonio Ricardo. The MP is also accused of trying to poison her husband six times before he succumbed to bullets. If her voice allowed her to conquer the crowds, the former singer entered politics will have to adapt her register to convince the judges of her innocence.

Flordelis dos Santos © © AFP – INSTAGRAM FLORDELISMK

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