Brad Pitt: his Scientology supervisor reveals he was doing the sauna with a 15-year-old teenager

Brad Pitt left the Church of Scientology in 1993, but introduced by his girlfriend he tries it out for a while and goes so far as to practice “rundown purification”, a Scientology ritual that involves spending several hours in a sauna to “purify” his body and his mind. Michael Mallen, his former supervisor, says that a 15-year-old teenager, “the daughter of two faithful Scientologists, spent hours in a sauna every day for a month with Brad Pitt”. The man says “there was nothing wrong with that.”

“In the Church of Scientology, people are often paired up and tasked with training one another together,” said the ex-Scientology supervisor, who left in 2014 after forty years in the Church of Ron Hubbard. He also looks back on the time he pissed off Brad Pitt so much that the actor got out of the trailer. “I guess no one had spoken to him like that. I was pretty hard on him, but it’s the bus , to get the person to stop reacting and to remain seated comfortably “. The man is now a screenwriter, adapting his Scientology book, Brainwashed, into a Scientology film.

Juliette Lewis, Brad Pitt’s ex was a Scientologist

It was she who put him in touch with influential members of the organization, and it was also she who would have managed to convince him to return after the scene of the caravan … Michael Mallen says “that she caught up with him, talked to him. Nobody wants a celebrity to leave, if he hadn’t come back I would have been in big trouble. ” Ultimately, it was Juliette Lewis who ended up having big problems: her notoriety soared after her break-up with Brad Pitt and the actress fell into drugs.


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