New twist in the battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie concerning the custody of their children. As you know, the actress is claiming sole custody of her five sons and daughters who are still minors, while her ex is fighting for fair joint custody. The latter had almost won his case when the judge in charge of the case at the time, John Ouderkirk, put in place a deal stating that Brad Pitt could get to spend more time with his offspring. But it was without counting on a new procedure launched by Angelina Jolie and her lawyers to remove the judge from the case, on the grounds that the latter was not impartial and not transparent in the case. The actor tried to appeal, but his request was dismissed by the California Supreme Court, as People magazine reported on October 27. Angelina Jolie: 1, Brad Pitt: 0.

Angelina Jolie, “happy that her family can move forward”

As the actress’ lawyer said, Angelina Jolie is “happy to know that the well-being of her children will not be guided by behavior that is unethical.” Then he added: “As confirmed by the California Court of Appeals, our legal system puts these ethics and the best interests of children first. Ms. Jolie is happy that her family can move on. the front. ” Brad Pitt may have lost a battle, but he did not lose the war, and the actor is very likely to strike back within the next few weeks … To be continued!

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie © EXPRESS SYNDICATION

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