Born without a left forearm, Wayde Drew plays goalkeeper for his local football team. The 12-year-old Englishman is a real little star in his community!

Wayde Drew, from Leeds in England, was born without his left forearm due to complications during his mother Kirsty Norman’s pregnancy. At the time, the latter had caught the swine flu. The 12-year-old, however, never let his physical difference stop him. Quite the contrary! The blond has always been motivated to achieve his biggest dreams. Today, he is also the star goalkeeper of Saxton FC, his local football team. “He was a little scared to join the team as people think he should have both hands to be a goalkeeper. But Saxton FC gave him the chance and he’s showing them he’s really good at it,” said confided his mum to Metro UK.

Wayde has been stopping the opposing team’s balls like no other for two years now. His coach Jonny Nixon is also very proud of this new recruit: “He just showed up one day with his brother and he said ‘I play goalkeeper’ – and we didn’t make a big fuss about it. of his arm, we asked no questions – and he started to cause a stir.” The coach clarified that the youngster has become very popular and always has a smile on his face: “When he arrives, he helps put the goal nets in place. He is the last to go because he also helps to store them.”

A kitty launched to obtain a forearm prosthesis

In February 2022, Wayde’s mom opened an online fundraiser on GoFundMe to give her a bionic arm. “It would be great for him to have this new arm because he wants to be like everyone else.” Since he is in college, the young boy is more aware of his disability. He therefore hopes to be able to obtain this prosthesis which would help him to catch small objects. “For us, Wayde is Wayde – he’s normal. But he just wants to fit in and not have to worry about anything anymore,” added his mother. As for the blond, he concluded: “It would change my life.” At the time of writing, 1210 pounds (about 1450 euros) have been collected on a goal of 7000 pounds (about 8300 euros).

Born without a left forearm, he becomes the star goalkeeper of his football team ©

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