Earthquake in UK. This Thursday, July 7, Boris Johnson announced his resignation from the head of the Conservative Party, according to information from the BBC. A news that follows the resignation of fifty members of his government for only two days, and many scandals that have marred the mandate of the British Prime Minister. Cases that have also polluted his private life, and in particular his previous companion, Marina Wheeler.

After separating from Allegra Mostyn-Owen, Boris Johnson married this brilliant lawyer in 1993, who closely followed her husband’s rise from the House of Commons to mayor of London. The couple began dating when BoJo was still a Brussels correspondent for the Daily Telegraph.

Daughter of BBC European correspondent Charles Wheeler, Marina Wheeler was already eight months pregnant when she married the politician. Together, they will finally have four children: Lara Lettice (29 years old), Milo Arthur (26 years old), Cassia Peaches (24 years old) and Theodore Apollo (22 years old).

Marina Wheeler: ‘My marriage is the least interesting thing about me’

Alongside her ex-husband, Marina Wheeler will have had a great influence and will have allowed her to climb the ladder little by little. “He owes him a lot, his biographer Sonia Purnell told the Daily Mirror. Marina was a very important figure in Boris’s career. She was a stabilizing element and had a real influence in his life.”

But after 25 years together and the revelation of Boris Johnson’s extramarital affairs, which had hit the headlines at the time, the couple have decided to separate. The divorce was finally finalized in 2020 and would have paid off big for Marina Wheeler. According to the Mirror, the ex-wife would have obtained around 4 million pounds (or 4.5 million euros), based on her husband’s cash and assets.

In an interview with the Sunday Times in November 2020, Marina Wheeler returned to her marriage to Boris Johnson. And the lawyer had not been very tender when discussing this period of her life. “I think my marriage is the least interesting thing about me,” she said. Good atmosphere…

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