Boris Johnson: the very “hot” confidences of his former affair Jennifer Arcuri

Boris Johnson’s life is on display once again. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – whose troubled love life has already been talked about – is once again the subject of rumors. One of his former mistresses, businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri, took the floor to discuss this past relationship and deliver intimate details about it. According to the latter, a “physical and intellectual attraction” between the main concerned is at the origin of this romance, which lasted from 2012 to 2016. At that time, Boris Johnson was in a household with Marina Wheeler, the mother of his four first children from whom he divorced in 2020.

Jennifer Arcuri indulged without taboo at the Sunday Mirror and did not hesitate to discuss their sex life. The first time they got close physically was in August 2012, shortly before the opening of the Paralympic Games. “I was totally in control. I could tell this man was so excited beyond words to see me. It got me over the top. He didn’t want to leave, very clearly. It was embarrassing,” himself she remembers. Notably because the British leader was to appear on television a few minutes later.

The lovebirds also lived their relationship within the family home of the politician. A moment that Jennifer Arcuri half regrets. “We made love but afterwards I felt uncomfortable in her house but I couldn’t fight the feeling of being wanted that I loved.”

Boris Johnson and Jennifer Arcuri: a passionate romance

Despite a big age difference – he is 21 years older than her, their love was genuine. “We had an intimate relationship and it lasted four years. I loved him. But the man I thought I knew no longer exists,” she said. According to her, Boris Johnson was very attracted to her. “He loved my body and my mind. He couldn’t keep his hands away from me,” she explains. The latter would also have complimented him on several occasions: “He told me that I was the most beautiful woman, that he could not stop thinking of me (…) and that he felt lucky to have me. in his life “. But since the end of their relationship, Jennifer Arcuri does not hesitate to tackle the one she says she deeply loved.

Jennifer Arcuri © Backgrid USA

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