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Boris Johnson on departure: new revelations about his state of health

Boris Johnson he plans to slam the door of his residence in Downing Street? This Tuesday, August 25, the daily The Times – quoted by the Business Insider news site – relays a rumor according to which the British Prime Minister is indeed thinking of resigning because of his state of health, weakened after having contracted the coronavirus. The noise of the hallway was relayed by a certain Humphry Wakefield, namely Dominic Cummings’ stepfather who takes on the role of chief adviser to the politician. Our colleagues from across the Channel evoke a conversation between the informant and a woman named Anna Silverman which would have taken place during the week of Monday August 17 during a trip to Chillingham Castle, in the English county from Northumberland.

“If you put a horse back to work when it is injured it will never recover,” Humphry Wakefield would have said. Thus, according to this rumor, Boris Johnson would leave himself six months before leaving the head of the British government. The one who became a dad at the end of April 2020 – when the Prime Minister was continuing his convalescence after a few days in intensive care – could bow out as early as February 2021 because of the after-effects of the coronavirus. For its part, “a source close to Downing Street” as Business Insider quotes would have firmly denied the rumors of a departure of the principal concerned.

His hospitalization changed him

It must be said that Boris Johnson’s health aroused fear in the British political sphere, which was preparing for a “Stalin-like scenario” when the 56-year-old politician was admitted to intensive care at Saint Thomas Hospital in London. in April 2020. Aware of the danger, he was considering his own death. “I was not particularly in shape and I knew that there were contingency plans in place,” he told the tabloid The Sun in May 2020. Two months later, Boris Johnson launched into the fight against obesity, aggravating factor of the pandemic, determined to adopt a better hygiene of life.

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