It was not a royal wedding, but Boris Johnson’s union also had its peculiarities. On Saturday 29 May, the British Prime Minister married in a “secret ceremony” his companion Carrie Symonds, whose hand he had asked for in December 2019. Information confirmed the next day by Downing Street, which revealed that the couple had s’ was married in the Catholic Cathedral of Westminster, not to be confused with the abbey in which Prince William and Kate Middleton were married, in front of about thirty guests, who included their families and close friends.

A discreet marriage, which was however very noticed for certain details concerning Carrie Symonds, noted by the Daily Mail. Because Boris Johnson’s wife had opted for a wedding dress signed Christos Costarellos that she … rented! Normally sold for 2870 pounds (3300 euros), the 30-something rented it for 45 pounds (52 euros) via the MyWardrobeHQ site. A case to accompany her crown of flowers that she wore instead of a veil, she who also posed barefoot for the photos of her wedding. No indiscretion, however, filtered out whether she was wearing shoes for her arrival at the altar.

And three marriages for Boris Johnson

However, if the British Prime Minister and the mother of little Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas born in 2020 got married in complete privacy, it turns out that they have planned to celebrate their wedding with great pomp on July 30, 2022. Already thwarted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the couple chose to postpone the celebrations until a year from now, hoping that the health crisis will only be a distant memory. A very romantic third marriage for Boris Johnson, who was first married to Allegra Mostyn-Owen, from 1987 to 1993, and whom he had met during his studies at Oxford, before marrying Marina Wheeler in the same year, with who he had four children, and whom he divorced in 2020 following his affair with Carrie Symonds.

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