A story that surprised viewers … Sunday July 10, 2022, on the set of the LBC show, Rachel Johnson defended her brother, Boris Johnson, for a long time. The young woman first described the “rise and fall” of her brother who “almost achieved” the ambition he had had since the age of two, to be “king of the world.” Rachel Johnson said: “I deliberately didn’t listen to much of the vindictiveness, the grave dancing, the grave spitting and I don’t listen to those who listened well to the bashing of Boris. I am not not here to say he’s the best and I’m not here to bury him – just to say a few simple things from the bottom of my heart as his sister.”

Using words a child can understand, Boris Johnson’s sister said: “Once upon a time there was a little boy who dreamed of becoming king of the world, he first said that when he was two and almost achieved his ambition.He was not rich in wealth, his privilege was in his education, his intelligence, his drive, his energy, and he set about achieving his childhood ambitions, including the writing a number one bestseller, which he did with his book: The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History.” Referring to Partygate and the way her brother celebrated his birthday in June 2020 in the cabinet room, Rachel Johnson said: “A lot of his friends and haters didn’t think he should have had a birthday cake. on his birthday at his own house, which was also his workplace. Many of his haters didn’t think he had to say goodbye to loyal colleagues at that workplace, it was also his home.”

Rachel Johnson sets out a good case on Boris achievements and suggests we have made a big mistake https://t.co/Xf4WMZ2qoW

— David C Bannerman (@DCBMEP) July 11, 2022

Rachel Johnson: a great support for her brother

While Boris Johnson doesn’t just have fans, his sister slipped: “He won a whopping 80-seat majority and a fourth general election victory. Like it or not, many of those 14 million votes were cast because he was captain of the ship, he was prime minister at COP26 last year in Glasgow and the G7 summit in Cornwall.” Proud, Rachel Johnson added: “He led the country during the pandemic and set the course for the West on the war in Ukraine.”



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