Boris Johnson hires celebrity coach to get back in shape

Boris Johnson wants to get back in shape! The British Prime Minister has suffered from poor health since he contracted the coronavirus last March. Overweight is an aggravating factor in the disease, and the politician intends to remedy it. To do this, he hired a sports coach, that of the stars: Harry Jameson. They were both seen in the middle of a session, running near Westminster, according to the Daily Mail.

Boris Johnson seems motivated to shed a few pounds. On his website, the coach of the stars details his method: he works on physical and nutritional health, as well as on mental well-being “through mindfulness, meditation and stress management”. Exactly what a Prime Minister, who still suffers from the after-effects of the coronavirus, needs, therefore.

On the go ?

Harry Jameson delivers a 4 week fitness program. And this is the one Boris Johnson will follow, here is what awaits him: a workout five times a week, a very specific diet and eight hours of sleep per night. For 30 seconds, he would have to do jump squats, push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, as well as targeted abdominal exercises. To repeat three times in a row … Obviously, training intensifies from week to week.

Could these be the premises of a new start for the Prime Minister? There are rumors in the British press that since his illness he is thinking of leaving Downing Street. The 56-year-old politician would leave himself 6 months. Noises from the corridors to be taken with a grain of salt since “a source close to Downing Street”, as Business Insider quotes, would have firmly denied the rumors of a departure of the principal concerned. To be continued…

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, takes part in the maintenance of the machines during his visit to the Appledore shipyard © Agence

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