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Boris Johnson contact case: “I feel great, I am full of antibodies”

Invincible Boris Johnson. On Monday, November 16, the British Prime Minister seized his Twitter account to announce that he had been forced to self-isolate after having dated a person who had developed Covid-19 a few days earlier. A simple precautionary measure he reassured, while he has for the moment no symptoms and is “in good health”, but that he must prevent like all contact cases. And that the British are reassured, the coronavirus will not have Boris Johnson this time.

“I feel great, I am full of antibodies!”, He declared enthusiastically in his video, he who last April was affected by a serious form of Covid-19 which almost had its skin. Indeed, after being tested positive, it took a few days for Boris Johnson to see his health start to deteriorate, to the point that he had to be hospitalized. And while he was on life support, doctors began to make contingency plans in case he didn’t make it. “It was a very painful moment, I can’t deny it. […] I was not in brilliant shape and I was aware that there were contingency plans to put in place. Doctors had different scenarios in hand to know what to do if things had gone wrong, “he explained.

Boris Johnson insists he’s ‘bursting with antibodies’ after being told to self-isolate pic.twitter.com/gq9w50TJGn

– The Sun (@TheSun) November 17, 2020

Boris Johnson narrowly avoided intubation

It must be said that in a very short time Boris Johnson went from Olympic form to an alarming state, requiring “liters and liters of oxygen”. “It was hard to believe that in such a few days, my health would deteriorate to such an extent. I remember feeling frustrated. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting better,” he explained. when he was discharged from the hospital, adding that he had narrowly avoided intubation, but that at that time, “it was 50-50”.

Boris Jonhson © Agency

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