After twelve years of living together, Shakira and Gerard Pique have put an end to their story. Together, the singer and the footballer had two children, Milan (9 years old) and Sasha (7 years old). Saturday June 4, 2022, it was through a press release that they had indicated to their fans: “We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, which is our priority. absolute, we ask for privacy. Thank you for your understanding.” If the interpreter of Waka Waka is currently single, her ex would have already found love! Tuesday August 23, 2022, Gerard Piqué was seen with Clara Marti, a public relations student who worked for Kosmos, the company run by the footballer.

According to The Sun, Shakira was very angry after hearing the news. Jordi Martin, a Spanish photographer confided on this subject: “I have been following Shakira for 12 years. I have followed her all over the world. The day after the images of Gérard Piqué kissing Clara went around the planet, I went to see Shakira at her home. I wanted to thank her, because I know everything that is tormenting her. Couples can separate without anything happening, but Gerard is doing the wrong thing.” If this was a blow for the singer, she bounced back the next day by wearing a cap on which is written a very second-degree message! On it, it is indeed written ‘Lucky in love’, or ‘Lucky in love.’

Why Shakira and Gerard Pique never got married?

If their love story lasted more than twelve years, the two stars have never passed the ring on their finger. In 2011, it was during an interview with CBS that Shakira said: “To be honest, marriage scares me. I don’t want Gerard to see me as his wife, I prefer that he sees me as his girlfriend, his lover. It’s a forbidden fruit, I want to keep our couple on edge, I want him to think that anything is possible based on his behavior.”

Bold Shakira: this very second-degree message in connection with her separation displayed on her cap

Shakira © Europa Press


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