Bodybuilding star dies at 23 after failed surgery to stop sweating

Odalis Santos Mena is a 23 year old Mexican bodybuilder and fitness influencer. She has a certain notoriety on social networks where she has praised the safety and effectiveness of the MiraDry procedure. But now, the intervention which aimed to no longer make her sweat ended badly because she died on July 7th. This heat treatment aims to permanently eliminate the sweat glands to reduce sweating in the armpits by more than 80%.

Relatively safe and effective, MiraDry is a treatment that has received FDA clearance. According to the New York Post, Mena “went into cardiac arrest after being anesthetized and died shortly after.” Guadalajara SkinPiel employees say they tried everything to bring her back to life while calling in medical experts to determine if she had been using substances.

“Clenbuterol, Creatine and Oxandrolone in her system”

According to the coroner’s report, “Mena’s death was probably due to the combination of the anesthesia and a steroid she had taken.” As for SkinPiel, Mena reportedly had several substances in her blood. The 23-year-old influencer is said to have said she did not take any substance when giving her form to the doctor.

It is worth noting that SkinPiel is the same firm that recruited Mena to promote their product. According to the Sun, SkinPiel is an unauthorized medical practice. In addition, preliminary police reports report the “negligence of an anesthetist who has not been trained in the administration of anesthetic drugs”.

Odalis Santos Mena © Instagram

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