Masten Milimo Wanjala, a young man of 20, was arrested on July 14 in connection with the disappearance of two children. But in front of the investigators, they had made chilling confessions as recalled by Le Parisien. If he had revealed having killed these two children, he had also admitted having killed at least 10 others over the past five years, “sometimes by sucking the blood from their veins before executing them”, then declared the Directorate of Investigations. Kenyan criminals. The victims found had been drugged, blooded and sometimes strangled. The bodies of other children believed to be victims of Masten Milimo Wanjala have not yet been found.

Runaway serial killer is mobster lynched

The young Kenyan was to appear Wednesday, October 13 before the Nairobi court for the murder of two minors aged 12 and 13. But that very morning, the one described as “a bloodthirsty vampire” does not answer the morning call. The killer is missing. But on Friday, schoolchildren identified him more than 400 km from the police station from which he fled. “He is from this region and the children saw and recognized him. The rumor spread and the inhabitants started to pursue him,” said Bonface Ndiema, administrator of the region. The young serial killer took refuge in a neighbor’s house, but the mob eventually caught him … and lynched him.

“We don’t know how he got from Nairobi to his rural home,” the police spokesman told media. For the moment, a forensic investigation has been launched to ascertain the identity of the man beaten to death. If the inhabitants assure that it is indeed Masten Milimo Wanjala, nothing is yet 100% certain.

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