This Instagram video was both mind-boggling and terrifying. In particular, we see a fan, Alan Alcantara, catching the ball during the game between Mets and Nationals. Until then, nothing surprising, except that this fan had made this dangerous catch while he had a child in his arms. Moreover, on the video, we clearly see his joy after having managed to catch the ball.

On TMZ Sports, Alan Alcantara confided that his choice which shocked people was not as risky as it seems. He had notably explained that there was a floor in the central field which was not visible on the video. “It wasn’t like there was a hole where the kid was going to fall and die,” he said. He also added that this detail was of no importance since he had held the baby very tightly. Yet in the video, the MLB fan leaned dangerously over the railing with his baby in his arms to catch the Home Run ball.

“The baby is fine! Everything is fine!”

People who saw the scene live were obviously stunned by this fan’s choice. After all, his gesture did not please everyone and certainly not the mother of the baby. “He caught it?!” Asked the presenters when Alan Alcantara threw himself on the ball. “The baby is fine! Everything is fine!”, affirmed the presenters, reassured.

In discussing this incident to The Associated Press, Alan Alcantara claimed he had been a former baseball player. Emphasizing that catching this ball was not a problem for him. “In the Dominican Republic, not all of us have gloves, so we play baseball with our bare hands, so I thought I could do it,” he said. “I did it several times when I was a kid, so why not?” added Alan Alcantara.

Alan Alcantara © TMZ

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