In May 2017, Sophia Corah woke up with blurred vision. Three months later, she was officially declared blind. She was only 18 years old. After several examinations, the young woman discovered that she suffered from keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease. This pathology is characterized by a loss of the sphericity of the cornea which slowly takes on a conical shape. “It was terrifying to wake up and see nothing. I became very dependent on others,” she told the Daily Mirror. Determined to live with her disability, the beautiful brunette enrolled in university to study psychology. There, she met Christian, who quickly became her accomplice.

At the time, Sophia was supported by Christian. It was even the young man who discovered the existence of an operation capable of restoring his vision: “He was present throughout my blindness and he helped me find my surgeon. He took care me and I felt special because of him.” After collecting 16,500 pounds sterling (about 19,000 euros), the young woman underwent the operation in October 2018. The beautiful brunette fully recovered her sight in August 2019 and then realized that she was in love with Christian. She confessed her feelings to him in October 2020. Three months later, the young man asked her to marry him at the edge of a frozen lake. They said “yes” to each other in June 2021.

Discovering the face of the one she loves upsets her

Sophia recalled the day she first saw Christian: “It was overwhelming and very intense. When I calmed down I realized he was cute. He had a wonderful smile. I I had really built a connection with him so his appearance didn’t matter. I fell in love with his personality. But it was really nice to see his face after all this time. He was even more attractive than I thought. imagined it.” A mutual feeling for the young man, who declared: “As soon as I met Sophia, I was attracted to her. She was so combative and never used her blindness as an excuse.” A lovely love story.

Blind, she regains her sight and discovers the face of the one she loves for the first time



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