Nicole Dutton’s daily life has gradually turned into a nightmare. Disillusioned, she let out a real cry from the heart against the sordid conditions in which she lives with her three daughters, Ava, nine, Annie, five, and Arla, three. This mother hen lives in constant fear because of the black mold and humidity that is spreading in her home and making her children sick. When she moved to Widnes, Cheshire seven months ago, Nicole Dutton thought she had found her home. But quickly, this 31-year-old Englishwoman realized that a huge humidity problem made the accommodation dangerous for her and her daughters, including the youngest who suffers from asthma.

“There is a leak that is flowing directly into my five-year-old daughter’s room where she sleeps, described Nicole Dutton. I was in the hospital with her the other day because of her asthma, all the children have chest aches and colds all the time.” Wallpaper in one room of this mum’s flat has almost completely detached from the wall, according to the Liverpool Echo, while black mold coats her windows and damp patches spread across the ceiling . “There are black stains everywhere and one of the walls is literally collapsing, regretted Nicole Dutton. My hallway carpets are wet all the time. I put the heating on all the time just to try to keep the place a bit warm but I can’t afford it.”

Nicole does not want to “move”

The mum said she had tried to contact the building’s landlord on several occasions, but the issues had not been resolved. “I don’t want to move because my children are settled here, but I just want them to do repairs in the apartment, she implored. A professional came and said that the place was riddled with damp, black mold.” A spokesperson for the lessor responded: “Since we were made aware of this issue by the client on November 29, we visited the property with a contractor on November 30 to assess the work required, and repair work has begun. December 2.” Hope Nicole, Ava, Annie and Arla are safe soon.

"Black spots...": a mother fears the worst for her children in their apartment

Hell at home © Pexel

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