Nothing is left out, not even the most intimate details of the relationship they had. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who accuse each other of defamation, have been back in court since Monday, April 11. In Fairfax, near Washington, the two exes returned at length to the accusations of domestic violence. But also on very specific details of their relationship. As when the actor would have found “human faeces” on their bed. “On my side of the bed, there was human feces, he explained to the court. I laughed. It was so absurd. It was so bizarre and so grotesque that I could only laugh .” After the testimony of her ex-husband, Amber Heard denied the accusations while blaming her dog, a Yorkshire terrier, for being at the origin of this unsavory episode.

“I lived with these dogs for many years, reacted Johnny Depp. It does not come from a dog. It is simply not the case.” According to him, Amber Heard would have soiled the sheets of their bed after a violent argument, in the summer of 2016. That day, he assures that the actress mentioned the “fecal matter” and that she had blamed the dogs. After this confrontation, Johnny Depp explained that he took his bodyguards away from his home because “based on his past experiences” with Amber Heard, he did not want to be alone with her if things “got worse. “. This Wednesday, April 10, Johnny Depp claimed that the accusations of violence made by his ex-wife had cost him “everything”, both in his personal and professional life: “It didn’t take long for Disney to decide to remove from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise”.

Johnny Depp claims to have “never gone to violence”

At the helm, he accused her of repeated domestic violence. “Mrs. Heard, in her frustration and in her rage, was hitting, he said. It could start with a slap, a shove. She threw a television remote control at my head, a glass of wine in my face. ” According to Johnny Depp, Amber Heard had “a need for conflict, a need for violence” during their marriage. Accused of domestic violence by the actress, the actor assured that he had “never gone to violence”. A few days before, Amber Heard’s lawyer had described him as a “demon”. “It was during these episodes of anger that he verbally, psychologically, physically and sexually assaulted” his ex-wife, she added. As a reminder, Johnny Depp attacks Amber Heard for defamation and claims 50 million euros. The actress had in turn filed a defamation complaint to obtain 100 million dollars.

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