Billie Eilish experienced a real scare. This Thursday, January 5, the home of his parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, located in the Highland Park district of Los Angeles, was attacked by an individual. He was dressed all in black and his face was camouflaged by a mask. Did he know that he was entering the property of the singer? Or was he just hoping to break into a home? As revealed by CBS News, the police quickly arrived on the scene after being alerted that an individual had jumped over the garden fence. However, the media did not report whether any property was stolen. Fortunately more fear than harm. As a reminder, in 2019, Billie Eilish confided in the columns of Rolling Stone magazine. The young woman had indicated that she had hired a security guard to be safe. Indeed, her postal address had leaked on the internet and the singer wanted to protect her family. “It was really traumatic. I don’t feel safe at home at all anymore, which sucks. I love my house,” she said. A house that she particularly likes since she has lived there since childhood.

Being a public figure does not mean living alone and it is not Billie Eilish who will say the opposite. Very close to her family, the young woman still lives with them. “I just love my parents, so I want to be with them”, she had declared in the columns of Rolling Stone in 2021. If her brother Finneas moved several years ago to live with his girlfriend Claudia Sulewski, this is not the case of the singer who is very well alongside her parents. In the columns of V Magazine, she had assured that notoriety had changed nothing in her daily life. “My relationship with my house has not changed, just like with my parents and my brother”, she had confided before adding: “I think it is a little shocking for some people who grew up with me or who haven’t seen me for a long time”. Abandoned by people who meant a lot to her, Billie Eilish had sent them a message: “Come see us and see that it’s exactly the same thing”, she had declared before specifying: “It’s as if you were entering here and that we were in 2003”. Despite the notoriety, Billie Eilish has remained the same and she does not intend to change.

Billie Eilish: what heartbreaking secrets about her body did she make?

Billie Eilish is very transparent. To avoid being sexualized, the young woman opted for loose clothing. A choice that was widely criticized and it was during an interview with Vogue that she returned to her physique. During his adolescence, this one caused him a lot of problems. “I hated myself and a whole bunch of other stuff. It all had to do a lot with the anger I had towards my own body and how crazy I was going about the amount of pain it was causing me,” a- she first confided. “I had the impression that my body was manipulating me throughout these years”, she continued before specifying to have gone through a “process” in order to manage to tell herself that her body was not there to “hurt” him. Heartbreaking secrets that will speak to many people.

Billie Eilish: her parents victims of a very traumatic event in Los Angeles

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