Last Monday, Billie Eilish’s TikTok videos were posted on social media. In these videos, the star can be seen mocking the Asian accent. Even more shocking to some fans is the fact that she used the word “ch * nk” in one of these videos. This word constitutes a most offensive insult to the Asian community, and apparently it is not the only community that has been the subject of the star’s mockery.

In one of these videos, which by the way are not dated, the 19-year-old star can be seen mocking the Asian accent. However, “his brother Finneas then reproaches him for speaking with a ‘black accent'”. Disgruntled fans are calling for the clips to be removed as her supporters recall the star has Tourette Syndrome. She had revealed this pathology herself in 2018 while confirming that, for her, the tics are not verbal but physical.

“She’s so fucked up”

Some of the Billie Eilish fans are so shocked that they come up with things like, “I haven’t been a fan of Billie Eilish since she laughed at Asians and their accents.” In addition, the latest Billie Eilish scandal has to do with homosexuals, another very sensitive community.

Photos of her sticking out her tongue while taking a selfie with her girlfriends is interpreted as queerbaiting. The scandals and escapades of the star are only spaced a few days apart to such an extent that some fans say “I liked him [so much], I’m so disappointed”.

Billie Eilish © Backgrid UK

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